Tourist sites in Aveyron

Rent a cottage near tourist sites in Aveyron

The immediate region of the ecological gîtes from Tieulet to Grand-Vabre has many lesser-known treasures. We offer a few small villages in Aveyron within a radius of 30 to 35 minutes maximum from our gite close to tourist sites in Aveyron “Les 3 Tilleuls” and from our gite close to tourist sites in Aveyron “Le Saule Pleureur” (by order of distance, non-exhaustive list):

- Almont-les-Junies
(9 km) : Almont owes its notoriety to Estofinado, a traditional dish based on Stockfisch (dried fish from the seas of northern Europe was brought back by sailors from the Lot)
- Noailhac (10 km) : the charm and serenity of a welcoming little village in Aveyron. You can admire an exceptional panorama of the Auvergne mountains and the cathedral of Rodez.
- Flagnac (12 km) : it is here that every summer the inhabitants mobilize to retrace the life of a village in Aveyron at the beginning of the 20th century, in a fabulous spectacle of sounds, lights and gestures. Flagnac has two leisure bases (pedal boats, water slide, swimming, picnic, children's games, canoe, kayak).
- Saint-Parthem (13 km) : between Auvergne and Quercy, the village stretches in a narrow gorge on the edge of the Lot and has managed to preserve its historical heritage and nature. A must see is the Maison de la Rivière Olt, which traces the time when the Lot was navigable.
- Port d'Agrès (14 km) : former port on the Lot, it was a place of passage by ferry. It should be noted, in Vialenc in particular, houses with wooden balconies. The castle of Gironde, which dates mostly from 1677, stands at the top of the hill which dominates the road along the Lot.
- Saint-Cyprien-sur-Dourdou (15 km) : on the banks of the Dourdou, the cheerful village of Saint-Cyprien is surprising with its red sandstone architecture, like the nearby Marcillac valley. It is renowned for the dynamism of its shops and its many leisure activities, fairs and markets.
- Decazeville (18 km) : the youngest of the Aveyron towns dates back only to 1826, when it was founded by Duke Decazes. In particular, you can visit La Découverte (which was the first French surface mining operation), the regional museum of geology, the Stations of the Cross (painted in 1863 by Gustave Moreau, classified as a historical monument on March 31, 1965).
- Saint-Santin (20 km) : on the border of Aveyron and Cantal, it is a village which has the particularity of straddling two municipalities, two cantons, two departments and even two regions.
- Sénergues (22 km) : the town has a remarkable architectural heritage with four castles and five churches or chapels. You can visit the ostrich farm there.
- Aubin (22 km) : a Roman general, Claudius Albinus, built, around 190, a fort on the rocky outcrop overlooking the Enne valley, which became the castle of the lords of Albin, the first beginning of the town pinned against the escarpment of the rock with its half-timbered houses which are quite rare in the Basin. To see the mining museum (“Musée Lucien-Mazars”).
- Cransac-les-Thermes (24 km) : Cransac has made an astonishing return to its sources. Famous in the past for the healing properties of its waters, the city then turned to coal mining before investing again fully in hydrotherapy thanks to the extraordinary gases that exhale from the famous "mountain that burns". (the Puech que ard).
- Pruines (24 km) : this is the Vallon orchard. To see the panorama of Kaymard and the 15th – 17th century castle which houses a popular art museum.
- Marcillac-Vallon (27 km) : the Vallon de Marcillac offers an exceptional softness. On the slopes of the hills are tiered vines that have made the reputation and history of the country (the only AOC in Aveyron). To visit the 15th century church, the chapel of Fontcourrieu (14th century), the chapel of the Penitents (17th century) and the old streets with half-timbered and corbels.
- Mouret (28 km) : of the 3 castles which once testified to the power of this village, there remains the Château de la Servayrie and the Tour Reilhac. The medieval half-timbered houses also bear witness to this period.
- Entraygues-sur-Truyère (28 km) : located in the north of the department of Aveyron, the canton of Entraygues sur Truyère flirts with Auvergne and shows a tormented relief. Churches, castles, caves make this village a tourist hotspot.
- Villecomtal (33 km) : Villecomtal is a county bastide built between 1295 and 1304. Its streets and alleys are lined with beautiful half-timbered and corbelled houses built in the 15th and 16th centuries. You can also discover the old river port and shipyard, or the 12th century castle which was integrated into the urban fortification in the 14th century.
- Salles-la-Source (33 km) : the village spread over 3 platforms is the wonder of the Vallon. In particular, you can admire its waterfall or its Romanesque church, and visit the Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts.

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