Bio-climatism and energy

The integration of bio-climatic principles during the renovation

Although the renovation of a building is subject to the constraints of the existing, an upstream reflection made it possible to apply certain simple principles of bio-climatism: this is how, for the ecological cottage "Les 3 Tilleuls", 2 openings were created on the south side, 3 openings removed on the north side and one condemned opening on the east side. For the ecological cottage "Le Saule Pleureur", the orientation of the building was less suitable for the exercise, the largest opening to the north was however reduced and a window in the bathroom pierced on the west side. This optimizes solar radiation and limits losses linked to badly exposed openings.

Energy savings and the use of renewable energies

Thanks to solar energy (ecological cottage “Les 3 Tilleuls”: 8 m² of solar panels and 500 l tank) and wood (ecological cottage “Le Saule Pleureur”: water heater coupled to the wood pellet boiler) for domestic hot water, and wood energy for heating (wood pellet boiler), the use of fossil fuels is very limited within the 2 ecological lodges in Aveyron near Conques, thereby considerably limiting the impact their use at the level of the increase in the greenhouse effect, responsible for global warming. The choice of heating fell on underfloor heating, which provides a feeling of thermal comfort greater than that of conventional wall heaters (better distribution, no hot spots and cold spots) but with a lower real temperature. . In addition, the ecological lodges are equipped with efficient household appliances in terms of their energy consumption (class A, A+ or A++) and light bulbs that save energy compared to conventional light bulbs. Finally, efficient and natural insulation based on wood wool, hemp wool and cellulose wadding helps to minimize energy losses.