Responsible water and waste management

Reasoned water management in our ecologites

Thanks to the connection of the roofs to two rainwater recovery cisterns (capacity of 16 m3 for the "Les 3 Tilleuls" ecologite, 40 m3 for the "Le Saule Pleureur" ecologite), the withdrawal of drinking water for toilets are no longer necessary, as is the watering of all the outdoor plantations. In addition, the taps that equip ecologites allow up to 40% water savings compared to conventional taps, by adjusting the flow rate they offer (pressure limiters have also been installed). Regular monitoring of water meters, especially during periods when ecologites are unoccupied, makes it possible to detect any leaks and therefore to anticipate significant losses of drinking water.

Towards a recovery of household waste

In each of the ecologites, four types of bins are available: a classic black bin, a yellow bin for recyclables (a guide is provided to find out what waste it can accommodate), a bin for glass (which I collect in end of stay to bring it to the appropriate containers) and a composter for putrescible waste (peelings, leftover food, coffee grounds, etc.). We remain at the disposal of tenants to answer all their questions concerning the sorting of all their waste.

Eco-friendly interior and exterior maintenance

Whether at the level of all outdoor spaces, where pesticides are prohibited (manual weeding and using a gas burner), or interior maintenance, where household products all carry the label NF environment or the European eco-label (provided products), the maintenance of the ecologites is intended to be in accordance with the ecological philosophy which prevailed in their construction. It is also an opportunity for tenants to use household products that they are not necessarily used to and thus test their effectiveness compared to conventional products.