Eco-friendly materials

Efficient and natural insulation for each eco-lodge

The original buildings near Conques in the Aveyron have excellent insulation, due to the inertia linked to the thickness (50 cm) of their stone and lime walls. At the level of the eco-lodge "Les 3 Tilleuls", additional insulation has been provided against the walls facing the outside with 10 cm of natural insulation, hemp wool, and for the roof 20 cm of hemp wool under the crawling and 25 cm of loose cellulose wadding in the lost attics. At the "Le Saule Pleureur" eco-lodge, cellulose wadding was also used (thickness 20 cm) for the insulation on the ground (between the lodge and the old barn below), and wool of wood was used for the roof (20 cm under the slopes), for the insulation of the partitions and against partitions. In addition, each eco-gite is equipped with wooden windows and French windows (frames 60 mm thick) fitted with double glazing (4/16/4).

Environmentally and health-friendly paints and stains

Because indoor pollution, linked to the fumes from the paints and stains we use, can be greater than outdoor pollution, even in town, the products used inside each eco-gite are all natural (Galtane brand) or eco-labelled : hardening oil instead of a vitrifier, mineral primer for the preparation of walls and ceilings, natural stains for woodwork, natural paints or with Eco label for walls and ceilings.

The choice of sustainable materials for eco-lodges

The choice of materials is essential in order to reduce the ecological impact of a construction. This is how wood was chosen for the door frames (rather than PVC), the stairs or even the worktops, taking care not to use any exotic species and to choose local wood (batten of the eco-lodge "Les 3 Tilleuls" near Conques in Aveyron) or PEFC certified. Wood was also used extensively at the level of the eco-lodge "Le Saule Pleureur" near Conques in the Aveyron (joists, mezzanine and floor of the first floor, partition wall with the rest of the wooden frame barn, wood cladding, etc.). We can also mention the bricks for the kitchen of the eco-gite “Les 3 Tilleuls”, the lime for the plaster and joints of the stone walls of the 2 eco-gites, the toplax (fully recyclable material) for the bathtub of the eco-gite “Les 3 Limes”, etc. In addition, all the tiles and earthenware used hold the ANAB bioecological quality mark, which certifies the products according to the method developed by the National Association of Bioecological Architecture.